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August 3, 2020

4th July In The Virgin Islands

salt pond beach, USVI

4th of July is a time for getting together with friends and family to celebrate the many great things about our nation. Whether you usually prefer to gather with your loved ones at home, to go and watch the local parade, or to have a barbecue at the beach – the chances are your celebrations looked a little different this year. The Covid 19 pandemic has put pay to most of the traditional July 4th fun this year, with events being cancelled and social distancing measures in place to protect against the spread of the virus. 

With this in mind, you may be thinking ahead to how to make the next July 4th unforgettable. If you’re curious about chartering at this time of year, read on for our guide to a Virgin Islands charter for independence day

4th july celebrations, st thomas

What happens in the Virgin Islands on July 4th?

Well, that depends on which Virgin Islands you visit! Of course, there are plenty of July 4th celebrations on the US Virgin Islands, thanks to their history and connection with the US. On the British Virgin Islands, there are fewer official celebrations, but that’s not to say you won’t find some parties… or make your own!

On the USVI, there’s plenty of opportunity to make the most of the festivities. 

On St Croix, the party usually starts on the afternoon of July 4th and continues into the early hours of the next day. Frederiksted is the place to be for food, drinks, music and an incredible fireworks show. 

st john 4th july

On St Thomas, the celebrations are a little more relaxed (as is the vibe of the island in general). However, a chilled day at the beach, followed by watching the fireworks over nearby Cruz Bay harbor could be the perfect way to spend the holiday. 

St John is the hive of activity on July 4th, with celebrations starting very early in the morning, and continuing once again into the following day… these guys know how to party! First up, J’ouvert is a huge carnival parade and street party. You can expect calypso bands and dancing, before the sun has even risen over the horizon. Next, the aforementioned Cruz Bay is the place to be, with steel drum bands, vibrant dance troupes, and all of the joy of the carnival that you could expect. Round off the day with a barbecue on the beach as the fireworks explode over the water. 

If you find yourself over in the BVIs at this time, you could hop on a ferry to the USVIs for the celebrations. Alternatively, seek out some of the more low-key parties going on across the islands, or head to the beach with your loved-ones and create your own July 4th bonfire and barbecue party. If you’re looking to avoid the usual chaos of the day, then the BVIs are probably the best bet for you, with the usual island life continuing as normal year-round. 

st johns fireworks

Why Charter for July 4th?

Obviously, the main reason to charter in the Virgin Islands on July 4th is to make the most of this holiday with your loved ones in paradise! But also, this is the time of year you can get a great value charter vacation in the Caribbean. As peak season in the Virgin Islands is between November – April, prices are usually a lot more competitive during the ‘shoulder seasons’. Hurricane season in the Virgin Islands officially runs from June – November. However, the majority of the storms hit from mid-August to October, so in early July you’re very unlikely to experience any adverse conditions. As a result of travelling during this time, you can expect to pick up a charter for a significantly lower price than if you were to travel in peak season. Our consultants will negotiate on your behalf to secure the best deal. 

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Plan Ahead

The best time to start planning your charter vacation is now. The further ahead you book, the greater variety of boats available to you. Remember, charter vacations aren’t like hotel trips – each boat and crew offers a totally unique experience, so once it’s gone, it’s gone!

If you’re hoping to create some special July 4th memories, contact your consultant today.