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Adventure Yacht Charters

March 30, 2020 by nickpuk

Fishing, diving, hiking… taking a leisurely stroll to the 19th hole. Most of us have an outdoor pursuit that we wish we could give more time to.

scuba diving bahamas

Yet when vacation time rolls around, we inevitably find ourselves taken further from the activities which fuel our souls. Sure, lying on the beach is great, but what if you crave a little adventure alongside it? This is where an adventure yacht charter takes centre stage. 

A crewed yacht charter offers unparalleled relaxation and luxury, perfect for those who wish to kick back and worry about nothing for a week or so. However, as well as being your floating home-from-home, your charter yacht is also the perfect means of trying all manner of outdoor activities – anywhere in the world.

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After a morning dive, an afternoon fishing, or a full day of exploring coves – packing up and heading back to your accommodation is never enjoyable. When your accommodation is moored only metres away, and there is delicious fresh food awaiting you – it’s a totally different story.

A fun-packed day of exhilarating activity can certainly revive the mind, but can leave your body feeling in need of some TLC. So why not opt for a yacht with on-board hot tub, sauna and steam shower, to relieve your aching muscles? Your crew could even arrange a masseur to come aboard and work on any knots. 

Needless to say, if you have even a passing interest in watersports, a crewed yacht charter offers everything you could need – and more. Your captain can expertly guide you to the next scuba spots, to check out the local wildlife. Avoid the crowds and bypass the uncomfortable transfers, weighed down with your equipment. Your private tender will zip you straight to the heart of the action in a matter of moments.

megayacht swimming pool


Keen divers won’t want to miss the opportunity to see the stunning, often deserted, islands of Raja Ampat in Indonesia. The diversity of vibrant sealife here is astounding. A trip to land may also tempt you, with hiking and nature walks promising incredible scenery. 

Many divers will have the Great Barrier Reef on their bucket lists. Imagine waking up in your sumptuous cabin, enjoying a freshly prepared breakfast on deck, then slipping straight into the water to marvel at the wildlife. 

Perhaps you’ve heard of the stunning depths of the Blue Hole in Belize. What you may not realise is that there are many other islands nearby, awaiting exploration. Many charter crews are also dive instructors or enthusiasts, so they can plot the perfect course for a dream day of diving. They will also be able to encourage and instruct those who are new to the diving world. 

Charter yachts commonly come with dive equipment on board as standard, to save the rigmarole of picking up and transporting equipment. If this isn’t the case, it can easily be arranged to be ready on board for your arrival.

belize blue hole yacht charter


If your idea of the perfect day is catching some waves, consider chartering in Fiji or Costa Rica. World-renowned surfing awaits you, and there’s no need to miss any of the action. Your crew will advise on the best surf spots, and can take you straight to the biggest breaks on the tender. Your yacht will be fully decked with boards and wetsuits, if you’d prefer not to travel with your own.

Aruba and the Dominican Republic are perfect charter areas for kite-surfers. Meanwhile, paddle boarding on the warm, calm waters of the British Virgin Islands is always a dream.

kite surfing bvi yacht charter vivo

Hike and Ski

Charter vacations are not just for the underwater adventurers  Some activities on terra-firma are best accessed by boat. Ice-hiking under the guidance of your crew in Antarctica, is an experience you’ll never forget. Climbing, skiing, and seeing the fjords backlit by the Northern Lights are all part of a charter in Northern Norway. What better way to warm up than fresh tea and cake from the panoramic views of the heated saloon?

yacht charter cuisine


If your idea of an adventure vacation is more of an expedition of discovery, we’ve got that covered too. Play explorer for a week, on a refitted research yacht. Head deep underwater on the submarine, and then examine your findings in the on-board research lab. This charter will connect you to nature on a whole different level.

yacht charter jacuzzi helipad

Follow the billfish circuit in The Bahamas or cast off in Costa Rica and Panama, with many larger yachts offering their own sportfish boat as part of the package. And what better way to visit the best Caribbean golf courses in one trip than sailing to them by yacht?

bonefish in the bahamas

Dream It, Live It

The chances are, if you can imagine it, we can make it happen. Contact your consultant to share your adventure vacation vision, then leave the rest to us.

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