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March 24, 2021

Benefits of Chartering a Yacht Versus Taking a Cruise: Part I

Why do people choose a cruising vacation spending their time away from the realities of life on
land to be rocked about in the ocean? Because as Jacques Cousteau noted, “The sea, once it
casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” If you have been caught in its net and are
contemplating an escape from the here and now but are concerned about the new normal of
cruising, an admirable alternative would be to charter your own yacht.

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In addition to the attraction and wonder of the deep blue waters, why is the sea calling you? If
you are looking for a way to travel to a variety of tropical destinations without having to pack and
unpack at each stop and you enjoy the luxuries offered while underway, chartering a yacht will
provide you with a more intimate experience, catering to your personal desires and indulgences.
Furthermore, in the current climate of a world-wide pandemic, chartering a yacht is a much safer
way to enjoy a cruising experience.

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Let’s begin examining the benefits of chartering versus cruising from the moment you board
your ship. On a cruise ship you walk across a large gang plank as a photographer
commemorates the moment and then attempts to sell you the photo during the trip. You may be
greeted with a mass produced welcome aboard drink and then you are ushered to your
stateroom. Just as you are beginning to relax, you and your fellow crowd must don your life
jackets and report on deck to attend a muster session where you are instructed on what to do in
the event of an emergency.

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When you embark your yacht, you are welcomed aboard with a helping hand by one of your
crew and are offered a seat on deck and a hand-made cocktail matching your preferences while
you and the crew chat about the upcoming adventure. The tour of the yacht and safety protocols
are delivered to your close-knit group while you relax and enjoy your tropical elixir and the sea
air. You are then briefed on the remainder of the day including your desired route and
destination for the night.

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As you cast-off from the dock on a cruise ship, you line up along the railing amongst a mass of
other sailors and wave to strangers as you pull out into the bay and consider what you are
leaving behind. On your chartered yacht, you might stand at the helm with the captain as you
sail out of the bay into the open waters or you might choose to sit at the bow and look into the
crystal clear waters that will be your home for the duration of your trip. Whatever you choose,
the experience is more personal and allows you to regard all that lies ahead of you during your
amazing journey.

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Many people favor cruise ship vacations because of the access to a variety of foods 24/7.
However, the ship run all day cafes where you are able to grab a bite at anytime has its
downside as access to so much food for such a long period of time opens up the possibility of
contamination, either because of temperature or because of its availability to numerous people.
There are also many restrictions on the all-inclusive grub such as trying to get reservations at
some of the ships better restaurants, or having to arrive to an assigned table at a certain time
and eating amongst a group of strangers from a select menu.

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While provisions on your own chartered yacht might not be as abundant, they are definitely of a
higher quality and are aligned with your personal preferences. Before you leave home for your
charter you will have provided input on your likes and dislikes, dietary restrictions and eating
habits. Therefore, your chef will prepare culinary experiences and access to snacks and meals
aligned with your inclinations. The cuisine on a chartered yacht is not the main attraction for the
voyage, it is a superbly prepared complement that positively enhances your experience.

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If the profusion of food is not a main draw of cruising but rather you enjoy meeting new people,
you could be thinking that a chartered yacht might be too intimate. In this case, you have
several options as you consider your charter. You could book a larger yacht and include a group
of family or friends who will share the costs and the experiences, or you could book a stateroom
aboard a yacht and meet new friends who have booked other staterooms on your yacht.
Moreover, unlike on a cruise ship, your captain and crew will also become cherished
companions whose experience and knowledge will introduce you to many new adventures and
local characters.
Taking a trip aboard a cruise ship allows you to see a variety of islands and often several countries during a relatively short amount of time. However, those ports of call are pre- determined and cannot be amended except for extreme emergencies. A chartered yacht also allows you to visit a pre-arranged set of stops, mostly determined through your feedback and with much more flexibility. On a charter, if you are thoroughly enjoying your time in one stopover,
you can choose to linger there a little longer or alter your route to add additional stops if time

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Once underway, the benefits of chartering are even more evident. There are so many
advantages regarding the destinations and activities available on a yacht charter versus a cruise
that there is a second article dedicated to these topics. But to conclude this article, consider
what is possibly the worst part of any vacation, returning back to your point of departure to begin
your trip home.

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Likely the most unpleasant part of being on a cruise ship is getting the thousands of passengers
off the ship in an orderly manner. Similar to herding cattle, cruise ship travelers are directed to a
holding area where they are given windows of times for their specific party to debark. As the
exits are limited, this can often take a considerable amount of time and it is just the beginning of
the long trek home. Compared to the bittersweet departure from your chartered yacht, where
you arrive back at the dock and depending on your schedule, you set the time to leisurely pack
up and load off, say your farewells to the crew who are now dear friends, and reflect on your
remarkable journey that showcased the many wonders of being on the sea.

If you’re ready to start planning your own personalized yacht vacation, just send us a message below