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March 24, 2021

Benefits of Chartering a Yacht Versus Taking a Cruise: Part II

As you are contemplating a much needed vacation, the sea beckons and you begin planning. In
the past, you have enjoyed traveling aboard cruise ships, but times have changed and you have
another incredible option for enjoying the magic of the sea. Like a cruise, chartering a yacht
allows you to visit several destinations without the worry of searching for transportation and
booking accommodations. However, chartering allows you to have more control over where you
go and what you do once you get there. From the moment you contact the charter operator, you
realize how much more input you have in planning your sailing adventure, and once underway
the benefits of chartering are even more evident. There are so many advantages regarding the
destinations and activities available on a yacht charter versus a cruise that this is the second
article dedicated to these specific topics.

After casting off the lines from your chartered yacht and heading away from your embarkation
point, you realize how much closer you are to the reason you came, the sea. Since your charter
yacht is not a multi-storied behemoth, you are in close proximity to the clear blue waters as you
inhale the salty air and feel the sea spray. If you are so inclined, you are able to be involved with
the navigation or you can sit back and enjoy the ride. On a cruise ship, you have to head far off
the shoreline to deeper waters, which can also be rougher waters. But, as you take in the
amazing sights from your charter yacht, you can ask your knowledgeable crew questions about
your surroundings or simply relish the views from closer to shore.

Underway on the cruise ship, you have access to restaurants, entertainment, swimming pools
and fitness centers; but those are not much different from what you have left behind on land. On
a charter yacht, you have access to fine cuisine and entertaining activities that are aligned with
your interests in an intimate luxurious environment. Additionally, once you have anchored for the
day or If you see a beautiful cove along the way, you can swim in your own private pool, the
clear clean sea, or participate in a variety of fitness activities such as kayaking or Stand Up
Paddle-boarding (SUP).

Once you reach a destination, in port on a cruise ship or anchored in a sheltered bay on your own yacht, you have options for on-shore activities. If part of the draw for a cruise is having pre- arranged tours with knowledgable guides, you also will have access to similar tours through your charter. Whereas on a cruise ship you have to review the selected offerings for each stop and sign up for the limited number of spaces; you could miss out on your first choices if you do not decide well in advance.

When you book your chartered yacht, you will let the agent know
what type of guided tours you desire or ask his or her input on notable tours at your selected
destinations. The agent can arrange tours for you so you will not have to compete with
thousands of other travelers for restricted tour limits.
Furthermore, unlike the freedom you have on a charter yacht to come and go as you please, on
a cruise ship you have a specific time to depart for shore, and to be back at the dock in order to
board a crowded tender to return to the ship. Having to meet the cruise ship’s launch at a
specific time also limits what you are able to do while ashore. Chartering a yacht allows you to
both tour with a group and spend more leisure time ashore. If you enjoy independently exploring
your destination, you can set out on your own to discover the culture of the area at a relaxed
pace or join the crew who can show you lesser known attractions.

Speaking of discovering the culture of the area and lesser known attractions, on a charter yacht
you can visit smaller more remote places that are secluded and quaint. You can interact with
friendly and welcoming locals who are unaccustomed to mass throngs of visitors all arriving at
one time. Not having to worry about coming into a deep water harbor, you can even spend the
day or evening on an uninhabited island if you so desire.

On a cruise ship all meals are included, and often cruisers do not want to sample the local
cuisine because they feel by not eating the ships meals, it somehow diminishes the value. On
your chartered yacht, while all meals you desire are included, you also have the freedom to dine
ashore at newly discovered restaurants or head to shore in the evening for a local beach
barbecue that showcases fresh caught seafood along with traditional dishes and cocktails. You
might also discover local fruits, spices or other fare that you would like to bring back to your
yacht to incorporate in one of the onboard meals or appetizers. Freedom to indulge in newly
discovered local culinary opportunities is a definite benefit of chartering your own yacht.

While the activities on shore during your charter are more relaxed and tailored to your interests
than on a cruise ship, so are the activities on board the yacht while anchored. As mentioned
previously, while aboard an enormous cruise ship, outdoor activities are limited and often times
crowded. There is no access to the actual ocean waters so if you want to take a dip in the
refreshing salty water, you must hop into the pool. Off your yacht, you can swim in the waters
surrounding your “home away from home” or participate in a variety of other outdoor activities
such as snorkeling, kayaking, or SUP. You also have access to a dingy or tender that can take
you to shore at anytime to hike or enjoy the beaches surrounding your anchorage.

By now the many benefits of chartering your own yacht either with a group of family or friends,
individually, or as a couple are surely evident. Being aboard your own yacht with a crew that is
dedicated to your enjoyment is a much more pleasant and personal way to enjoy your time
underway and at anchor, exploring your destinations. While it may seem like an extravagance
beyond your reach, chartering in many cases is similar in cost to cruise ship vacations. And
especially during this unprecedented time of a world-wide pandemic, chartering a yacht is an
immeasurably safer way to spend a vacation answering the call of the sea.

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