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May 26, 2020

Best Beaches in USVI

No trip to the Caribbean is complete without a trip to the beach. In the US Virgin Islands there are so many stunning offerings, it can be hard to know where to begin! 

Fear not, we’ve broken it down into our ultimate guide to USVI’s sandy paradises. Read on for all that you need to know about the best beaches in USVI. 

Trunk Bay Beach – St John

By far the most popular beach in St John – and for plenty of reasons. This beach forms part of the Virgin Islands National Park.

The quintessential Caribbean paradise – Trunk Bay combines perfect blue water with powder-soft white sand and shady palm trees. Surely one of the best that nature has to offer. 

This beach is particularly rate because of its excellent facilities. Plenty of rest rooms, showers, snack bars, souvenir shops and picnic benches make this a very family-friendly place to spend the day. It’s worth noting that there’s a $5.00 fee for over-16s to access Trunk Bay. But we feel it’s definitely a price worth paying. 

cinnamon bay beach

Cinnamon Bay Beach – St. John

This is a must-visit for the active amongst you. One of the longest beaches in St John, this spot boasts the beachfront Danish building, exhibiting archaeological findings from nearby excavations. Aside from this, Cinnamon Bay is a hive of water sports – snorkelling, kayaking and windsurfing to name a few. From this beach, you can also access the self-guided Cinnamon Bay Trail – a stunning half-mile trek shaded by palms and sea grape trees. 

Salt Pond Beach – St. John

Those who take the hike from the main road to Salt Pond Beach are certainly rewarded for their efforts. Here you’ll find a crescent-shaped cove with shallow water and gentle breezes. The protected location means there is very little surf, so swimming and snorkelling are popular pursuits here. The grassy seabeds are home to sea turtles, rays and giant hermit crabs. Meanwhile, those in search of some more strenuous activity can take one of the trekking trails starting from the end of the beach, to discover the rugged natural beauty of the cove from an elevated vantage point. 

jack's bay beach

Jack’s Bay Beach – St. Croix

Another perfect choice for those who like to go off-the-beaten-track is Jack’s Bay Beach. This nature conservation site is accessed only by boat or foot. On land, Green and Hawksbill Turtles make their nests – hence the protection of the area and limited access during nesting season. Visitors are encouraged to take guided walks to learn about turtle behaviour and support protection programs.

Under the water, coral reefs are inhabited by an astonishing variety of fish – including sergeant majors, blue tangs and four-eyed butterfly fish!

sandy point refuge

Sandy Point Beach – St. Croix

At the southwest end of St Croix lies the USVI’s longest beach. Three miles of perfect sand, which form part of the Sandy Point Wildlife Preserve. Continuing the turtle theme – this stretch is home to the endangered leatherback. 

It’s worth noting that shade is limited at Sandy Point, as the trees are set pretty far back from the water. Whilst this offers even more powdery white sand, it may not be the ideal spot to set up for a full day with the kids. 

magens bay st thomas

Magen’s Bay Beach – St. Thomas

Let’s head over to St Thomas now, to arguably one of the most popular beaches in the USVI. This heart-shaped bay is beautifully protected, and overlooked by vibrant green hills. Calm waters make this a hive of water sports – with kayaks and paddleboards available to rent nearby. Plus beach chairs and water floats for the more leisurely. Lifeguards keep a lookout every day, and fuel can be picked up at the local snack shack. This combination of facilities means it can get pretty crowded at peak times, but we still highly recommend it for a fun family visit. 

hull bay beach surfing

Hull Bay Beach – St. Thomas

Last, but by no means least – this is where the best surfing is to be found in St Thomas (perhaps in the entire USVI…). When there’s a north swell, surfers take to the waves and definitely make the most of them. When it’s calm, this is great location for families, thanks to the shade of the sea grape trees lining the beach. Whilst it’s not one of the largest beaches in the area, you’ll likely have no difficulty in finding a comfortable spot, as the sun-worshippers tend to head elsewhere. A beachfront bar and restaurant will keep you more than satisfied, and you can also take advantage of the regular musical entertainment. 

What Have We Missed?

These are just a few of the many incredible beaches awaiting you in the USVI. Have we missed your favorite piece of paradise off the list? Let us know!