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Experience the Events of Summer as You Sail       the Greek Isles
Summer is a time of renewal and relaxation. A time to soak up the sun and indulge in life’s pleasures. Summer in Greece is an amazing time to explore and enjoy the lively cultural and culinary [...]
Feb 20, 2023 Category: Uncategorized 0 Comments
Circumnavigating the Cyclades:                            Seven Days in Greece
The southern chain of Greek Islands located between Athens and Crete are the epitome of Greece with traditional white and azure architecture, mountain vistas, and beautiful sandy beaches. The [...]
Feb 10, 2023 Category: Uncategorized 0 Comments
Renting Vs Owning A Yacht
When it comes to enjoying the open waters, yacht ownership is a popular choice for many people, with many people that charter from us deciding afterwards to purchase their own yacht. While [...]
Jan 17, 2023 Category: Yacht Ownership 0 Comments
Popular Leeward Islands Itinerary
This seven-day itinerary might be a great plan for first-time yacht charter guests or those with limited schedules.
Nearby Nevis
About a ten nautical mile sail from its larger sister island of St. Kitts, Nevis is a naturally beautiful island that you should slip into your itinerary if you are anywhere nearby
Jan 11, 2022 Category: Uncategorized 0 Comments
Beautiful Barbuda
Barbuda is home to less than two thousand inhabitants who are dedicated to preserving the gorgeous sixty-two square mile isle and its wildlife.
Jan 09, 2022 Category: Antigua and barbuda, Yacht Rental Destinations 0 Comments
Making it to Montserrat
If you want to include an island not visited by mega cruise ships and with no high-speed ferry from neighboring tourism hubs on your itinerary, then magical Montserrat is for you.
Jan 08, 2022 Category: Montserrat, Yacht Rental Destinations 0 Comments
Ashore on Anguilla
Anguilla is a laid-back paradise with white sandy beaches, sparkling azure waters, and welcoming friendly people.
Jan 07, 2022 Category: Anguilla, motoryacht, Yacht Rental Destinations 0 Comments
Sailing Itinerary for the Leewards
Located on the edge of the northeastern Caribbean Sea as it joins the Atlantic Ocean is the scenic collection of tropical islands making up the Leeward Islands archipelago. A part of the broader [...]
Jan 07, 2022 Category: St Barts, St Martin, Yacht Rental Destinations 0 Comments
Anytime is a Great Time in Anguilla
If you plan to charter a yacht and cruise the Leeward Islands, then Anguilla should definitely be on the itinerary.
Jan 06, 2022 Category: Anguilla, motoryacht, Yacht Rental Destinations 0 Comments