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March 24, 2021

Celebrating Valentines Day Aboard a Yacht

According to the History Channel, “Each year on February 14, people exchange cards, candy
or flowers with their special valentine. Valentine’s Day is celebrated…as couples across the
globe honor their spouses, partners and sweethearts.” While cards, candy and flowers are
appreciated, why not show how exceptionally endearing your valentine is by taking him or her
on a yachting vacation to proclaim your passion. If you would like to have your sweetheart all
to yourself for an indulgent yacht charter book a smaller vessel, or better yet get together with
another close couple or two and share an absolutely remarkable Valentines celebration aboard
a luxurious chartered yacht.

couple relaxing on a catamaran

After an extraordinarily unusual year where you may have been isolated with your significant
other for extended lengths of time, why not expand your physical and social circle, leave winter
weather behind, and affirm your affections by really getting away from it all in warm tropical
surroundings. While island hopping aboard your chartered yacht with your intimate group, your
every need is met by a dedicated crew so you can devote your time to enjoying each other and
the wonders of the sea and shore.

romantic beach dinner

Being together with your closest companions as you soak in the sun and salt air, is a relaxing
and renewing experience. Just planning this Valentine’s adventure is a seductive endeavor as
you think about your itinerary, your favorite foods and drinks, your desired activities and special
outings you would like to share. From the moment you step on board and are greeted by your
expert crew offering glasses of champagne, you will be swept away from reality and eager to
embark on your romantic adventure.

valentine ideas

As you imagine your romantic getaway, envision reclining on deck with your partner and a
couple of refreshing cocktails as the sun sets over the ocean and the distant palm trees rustle
in the breeze. Then after the sun goes down, you enjoy an expertly prepared candlelight dinner
under thousands of stars on the deck of your yacht. After dinner, as you head to the cozy
comfort of your private stateroom, you are surrounded by the warm tropical waters and are
lulled to sleep by the tranquilizing rocking of the yacht and the gentle sound of waves lapping
against the hull. And, this is just the first day of several aboard your remarkable chartered

beach picnic

The next morning you are awakened by the sun and the songs of the seabirds and the day
ahead is whatever you want it to be, relaxed and romantic or adventurous and amorous, the
decision is all yours to make. After coffee in bed as you snuggle with your companion, you
head up on deck for a light or hearty breakfast, again, the choice is yours. After a refreshing
swim in the turquoise waters to fully wash away thoughts of the real-world, you are ready to
head out of the protected bay and let the wind carry you away to your next destination.

yacht water toys

As you are underway you can participate in navigation, soak in the sun while taking in the
scenery, read a romantic novel or cuddle together and immerse in the joy of sharing this
heartfelt experience with your valentine. For lunch, stop briefly off the shores of an uninhabited
island and drink in the beauty and bounty of your wonderfully prepared meal made with your
favorite ingredients. Being pampered is nice, but being pampered in paradise is prolific and will
bring you and all of your fellow charterers closer together.

private yacht food

When you finally anchor for the afternoon in a sheltered lagoon, there are engaging options for
everyone. For a relaxed and romantic day, lounge on the bow with your paramour and a
refreshing drink or take the dinghy or tender to shore together and laze on the beach as you
gaze out past your incredible yacht at the vastness of the sea and the possibilities it provokes.
Or you could take a stroll along the shoreline and look for shells or count the species of birds

you encounter. For a more adventurously amorous experience, hop in the kayaks or climb on a
paddle-board with your sweetheart and explore the area together; or, don masks, fins and
snorkels and check out what is beneath those beautiful blue waters.

valentines day motor yacht vacation

What makes yachting so intriguing is the opportunity to visit different locations and encounter
unique cultures and traditions. During your yacht charter experience, head ashore to see how
your chosen destinations celebrate the holiday of lovers. Shop for jewelry or artwork,
something to bring back that evokes memories of the places and faces you encountered.
Participate in special outings designed by you or for you by the knowledgable crew.
For another magical evening, take a special bottle of wine ashore in the dinghy/tender as you
enjoy dinner at a notable local restaurant or on the beach as local chefs prepare the fresh catch
over an open fire. After a romantic meal, as the fiery pink and orange sky turns to a deep
purple, head back to your yacht in the dinghy and enjoy a special dessert cocktail or sip a
scotch or brandy on the aft deck as you are enveloped by the warmth of the night and the
pleasure of the company.

catamaran vacation

If envisioning this adventure has managed to seduce you, start planning a heartfelt Valentine’s
Day yacht charter with those you truly love. This romantic holiday has been celebrated since
the 1300s and in this fairly young twenty-first century with all of its trials and tribulations, why
not escape to a tranquil locale on a luxurious yacht and begin a new tradition for the
observance of this day of love and affection.