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Family Yacht Charters

March 26, 2020 by nickpuk

Some of our happiest childhood memories are of times spent with family. In these fast-paced times, the opportunity to get everyone together can seem a bit of a struggle. But relaxation and adventure are important at any age, so read on for how we can help you to create the family vacation of a lifetime.

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Like many, you may have the misconception that yacht charter vacations are reserved for the rich and famous. Many charter companies market their offerings with pictures of young, elegantly-dressed couples, sipping champagne as they gaze across the sunset. Of course, these types of vacations can be a reality for many. But yacht experiences aren’t necessarily the playgrounds of the elite. 

Yacht charters have all the makings of the perfect family vacation. The variety and potential to create a custom experience are unparalleled. Combine adventure with relaxation, navigation with nature, fine dining with fresh air.

Child-Safe Charters

By their very nature, yachts are designed to comfortably accommodate groups of people (usually up to 12 guests). Safety and accessibility are always a priority aboard these vessels, but some have taken extra steps to ensure that they are particularly child-friendly. 

If you have tiny tots, a safety net can be installed around the deck for extra protection and peace of mind. Some yachts also feature child gates and pocket doors to protect with stairwells.

If you have any questions about the additional safety measures available on board, contact us today.

Fun for All The Family

One of the main priorities for most parents when planning a vacation, is ensuring that everyone will be kept entertained. Fortunately, crewed yacht charters are essentially a floating entertainment complex. 

Water toys are, of course, a must. Your yacht can offer kayaking, inflatables, paddle boards, scuba, and much more. These will keep the whole family entertained for hours. Whatever water activity you have in mind, we can make it happen. 

At the end of a long day splashing about, and a delicious dinner cooked by your chef, you may wish to unwind with some home-comforts. Your yacht will be equipped with the latest entertainment systems – enabling you to watch, play, or listen to whatever you want. The only stress will be agreeing on which film to watch…

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Your Crew

If you’re sharing a week or two in the company of a crew, it’s important that they are people you enjoy being around. Yacht crews are in the trade for two reasons – a love of the sea and passion for hospitality. But not only will your crew be great hosts, they’ll take pleasure in providing a great experience for all of the family. 

Nearly all charter crews will be delighted to have kids on board, and will have some tricks up their sleeves to take the pressure off parents and keep the positivity high. 

However, some crews specialise in creating fun activities for the younger guests. Imagine kayak races, pirate treasure-hunts on the beach, and imaginative themed nights on deck. If you’d like a crew who are ready to make your kids the stars of the show, we can find the perfect match.

Stress-free Food

If you have fussy eaters in the family, you’ll know that eating out together can be a challenge. Kid-friendly crews will take this in their stride, creating delicious dishes to delight each family member. Dietary requirements can be easily catered for, and baby food or formula can be arranged as part of your provisioning.

A Break for the Parents

A family vacation is all about getting together for quality time. But this doesn’t mean that the parents can’t enjoy a little quality time together too. Your crew aren’t babysitters, but they are very understanding of the value of some private time, whether that’s a walk on the beach, a few hours with a book, or disappearing behind closed doors. If this is something you need, speak to your crew ahead of the charter to see what sort of activities they can offer to entertain the kids. 

If your children are very small or lively, or if you’d prefer a little more hands-free time, you might consider bringing a nanny along with you. This is something that we can advise on and arrange.

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Family Focus

We know that devices are generally important for all of the family, but if there’s one thing that kids and parents often disagree on, it’s screen time. Your yacht will have wifi and entertainment available on board, but how you choose to approach this is totally up to you. 

To really feel that you’re escaping the every-day, you may wish to create an internet-free experience, so that all family members are present and engaged with eachother. If this is the case, just let your crew know. They can even help with the ruse that electronic devices interfere with the yacht’s navigational equipment, if this is what it takes to get the family disconnected! There are plenty of fun activities to keep everyone entertained without the need for screens.

Alternatively, if you need to have access to emails, or you know that the kids are best entertained in the evenings with a little online gaming, fear not. This is your vacation and we’re here to help guide you through the different options available. 

You may wish to use the opportunity for a little education too. For example, your captain can show you all the ropes of managing your boat. Your chef might be able to involve the kids in a fun cooking activity. Maybe you’d like to learn more about the history and culture of the local area, with the help of a local tour guide.

A yacht charter is the ultimate family experience. So much variety and scope to personalise the experience to you and your loved ones. If you want to create memories to last a lifetime, contact your consultant at Yacht.Vacations.

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