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April 21, 2021

Getting Your Group Together and Planning Your Getaway: aka the Five Ws of Herding Cats

Have you been thinking about the possibility of a yacht charter holiday and are perusing
websites, reading social media posts, or requesting information from charter companies and
wondering what to do next? Well as they say at Nike, just do it, go for it and get your group
together so you can book an amazing vacation and start dreaming about the day your group
will board your fully crewed luxury yacht, casting off and heading into the bright clear waters.
As you begin the process of planning your trip, consider the Five Ws of journalism: Who, What,
When, Where and Why. Those questions are crucial as you plan your charter yacht vacation
and the order in which you answer the questions can make the process more enjoyable. You
have already answered part of the what, getting away with a close-knit group on a yacht for a
magnificent adventure. The next important question is who will be setting sail on this amazing

beach dinner

When contemplating who will join you aboard your yacht, it is important to invite friends or
family that you enjoy and can spend a significant amount of time with in close quarters. You will
be regaled during your time aboard and can arrange activities for the entire party as well as
smaller more intimate activities, but it is still important to ensure all members of your group are
amiable with each other. While you may have great friends you enjoy going out with periodically
or family that you can endure for brief periods of time, your charter companions need to be
those you can happily live with for the duration of the charter. If everyone in the group is
harmonious, the trip will be much more enjoyable.

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After deciding on who will be participating, you will need to elect an organizer for your group
who can take charge and get everyone’s input, amass the feedback and entrusted to make
decisions for the group. This spokesperson will be the first point of contact for your charter
agent and will convey information to assist the group as they make necessary decisions. Your
yacht charter consultant at Yacht.Vacations is another valuable resource and member of your
planning team, a crucial who to assist you every step of the way as you design your incredible

champagne breakfast

The next question to deliberate is why you are embarking on this particular journey. This
answer will help determine the when and the where and also a more detailed what, including
itinerary and activities or which type of yacht to charter (see Choosing the Best Charter Yacht
to Accommodate Your Needs
). Why you and your party are chartering a yacht might at first
appear obvious, because you want to set sail across the water and spend time visiting several
destinations along the way. But upon deeper reflection, why you are chartering a yacht can
lead you to include even more amazing experiences aligned with the occasion. Is this trip to
commemorate a holiday or honor a special event like a birthday or anniversary? Is this trip so
you can revel in luxury or get closer to nature while being indulged? Or is it to reunite with
loved ones and reconnect, or spend time with someone who will be leaving your proximity for
awhile? Your why is important because it could dictate the when of your trip or even where you
are headed.

As for the when and where, it will depend on both the why and the flexibility of your group. If
your yachting vacation is to celebrate a special occasion, then your when is more limited in
order to coordinate with the date of the event. However, if you desire to sail around the
Caribbean or a specific locale is your focus, then your when could be impacted by availability
of yachts, hurricane season, and seasonal rate fluctuations. Be assured that whichever is the case, your charter yacht consultant will be there to ensure you have access to every option that
integrates your desires and budget and should be consulted along the way to assist as you
formulate your plan.

Once your group has been determined, the why examined, and the dates and destination
selected, then your group organizer will again meet with the Yacht.Vacations agent to review
the options and design a most incredible adventure including the most appropriate yacht and
itinerary for your why. After the trip organizer and Charter Consultant discuss and identify options most
closely matched with your expectations, the group will need to reassemble to finalize the
choices. If possible, virtually including your yacht charter agent in this group meeting would be
helpful in case unforeseen queries arise.

One of the key ingredients for effectively getting your group on the same page is to have your
dedicated organizer identify several dates for a group meeting and then survey the group and
decide on the date that the majority of the party can meet. With so many different schedules
and the added intricacies of COVID protocols, prioritizing the need to get together makes the
planning process more pleasant and solidifies the harmony of your charter yacht group from
the start.

So if you have deliberated, evaluated, reflected, examined, mulled over, thought seriously
about, or have dreamed about taking a yacht charter holiday, take the next step and identify
your five Ws and then contact a Charter Consultant at Yacht.Vacations. Even if you are unable to get your
group together just now, your agent can help you make your dreams a reality either presently
or eventually. The earth is made up of 68.5% ocean so get out there and enjoy all the sea has
to offer aboard your luxurious chartered yacht. Browse our large selection of Private Yacht Charters live on our website, or send us a message if you’d like to know more.