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April 21, 2021

How To Choose The Best Type Of Yacht For Vacation

You have made the leap and have chosen to wade into the clear blue sea and plan a charter
vacation. With all of the luxurious options out there, how do you decide which vessel will work
best for your group? Motor yacht or sailing yacht, catamaran or monohull, the answer depends
on several conditions but mostly the preferences and desires of you and the other guests who
will embark on the magnificent journey aboard your preferred yacht.

Luxury Sail Catamaran Cartouche

Possibly the more discernible choice is whether to charter a motor yacht or a sailing yacht
because each method of navigation has distinct advantages and disadvantages. Also, your
destination and when you choose to depart could play a significant role in the choice of
motorized propulsion versus relying on the wind.

Obviously, motor yachts will get you from destination to destination quicker and in most cases
with less perceptible movement. Therefore if your premiere desire is to enjoy the various ports
and anchorages along the way, a motor yacht may be the best selection for your group.
Additionally, if you want more luxurious accommodations with access to the comforts of home,
a motor yacht typically has more area and is easier to move about the roomier spaces of these
powered vessels. Having higher powered engines also means more access to automation and
thereby more access to gadgets and implements requiring energy.

Motor Yacht Elite

In addition to more generous space and speed, a motor yacht can get you from one
destination to another regardless of the wind speed or direction. Although disagreeable winds
might impact the comfort of your trip, in most cases wind does not hamper time or distance
traveled on a motor yacht. So, if you are heading to a place where the trade-winds are not
favorable or are blowing from inopportune directions, or if you are heading to a destination
during the off season when the winds can be unpredictable, then chartering a motor yacht
could be your best choice.

Motor Yacht Bella Contessa

While there is not a down side to being aboard any of our sumptuous chartered yachts,
another consideration to keep in mind when deciding on whether to charter a motor yacht
over a sailing yacht is the cost of the yacht and the fuel. Motor yachts, because they are
generally larger and more costly to purchase and maintain, cost more to charter so examining
your budget may also influence your choice of vessel. In most cases not only will a motor yacht
initially cost more to charter, but there will be a significantly greater outlay for fuel since motor
yachts hold and burn much larger quantities of fuel.

Finally, and probably the most decisive factor for choosing between wind and motor powered
yachts, is your preference for involvement in the navigation. Most of the time, the captain of the
motor yacht is at the helm while you relax and take-in the scenery in comfort. However, if you
want to be closer to the action and more a part of the journey between the destinations, then
being closer to the water and relying on nature to fill the sails and propel your vessel might
align better with chartering a sailing yacht.

Luxury Catamaran Above

Once you have decided that you want to move with the wind, selecting a catamaran versus a
monohull requires a deeper examination of the motives of your group. While both types of
sailing vessels rely on wind power and utilize auxiliary engine power when the winds are fickle,
catamarans feel more stable yet are more restricted by wind speed and wind direction.
Monohulls are more responsive to wind elements and while they heel over at steeper angles,
they are actually more stable in higher winds and greater wind directions. Thus you need to
prioritize your desires for interacting with the wind as you move across the sea.

Monohull Sailboat The Dove

If you have chosen to follow the wind but are wanting more space and more consistent motion,
a catamaran is probably your best bet. Because they have two hulls, they might undulate
slightly but catamarans remain level so you are less likely to detect any rolling motion made by
the waves. For that reason, if you are less steady on your feet or are prone to seasickness a
catamaran is more comfortable while underway.

Crewed Catamaran Black Tortuga

Two hulls also means additional room “down below” for more private and spacious cabins and
heads, and a larger living area at deck level. The main salon, galley and cockpit are all on the
same level enhancing access, increasing headroom, and improving air flow. Additionally, the
visibility on a catamaran is typically more panoramic than on a monohull and the smaller draft
allows the yacht to maneuver in shallower waters, possibly opening up more options for

Sail Catamaran Champs Elysees

So, why would you want to charter a monohull sailing yacht? Monohulls are sleek and beautiful
vessels capable of slicing through the water seemingly without effort and minus the slapping
and banging that can sometimes occur underway on a catamaran. They are more responsive
to the wind and more maneuverable and there is nothing like the feeling of heeling over as the
wind fills the sails and the only sound is the water rushing under the keel and the snapping of
the sails. Sailing in a monohull is exhilarating and peaceful at the same time. Chartering a
monohull is much more about the journey and the adventure of interacting with nature.

Monohull Sailboat Thalima

Being on deck in a monohull, brings you closer to the action and allows you to be more
involved in the experience of sailing. Many monohull sailing yachts have spacious cockpits to
enjoy dining alfresco, although there are no trampolines for sunbathing like on a catamaran.
Most of the amenities on single hulled sailing ships are below the waterline and are more cozy
but still well appointed and luxurious. Monohulls in many cases are less expensive to charter
and the fuel expense is minimal.

There are plenty of advantageous reasons for boarding a yacht and taking off for exciting
locales. Motor yacht, catamaran, or monohull, selecting the right yacht for your respite will
ensure a remarkably memorable vacation. No matter which yacht you choose, taking time to
prioritize your preferences and desired outcomes for your charter trip before deciding will lead
you to the perfect craft to accommodate your entire group and amplify an amazing adventure
for everyone. Find your perfect Yacht Charter easily on our website, or contact us for assistance.