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March 19, 2020

Nassau Sailing Itinerary


The Exumas are a vast stretch of islands dotted with dreamy cays in the Bahamas over one hundred miles long across twinkling turquoise seas. This is a tropical paradise where you and your family can collect your own washed up treasures and enjoy incredible diving sites, peaceful anchorages and the most incredible yacht charter holiday imaginable. 

Day 1: Nassau

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On your first day on your yacht, you will be able to familiarise yourself with the boat and become accustomed to life on the water; explore the surrounding area of Nassau, or alternatively head into the bustling town itself, picking up any items you might think you’d need for the yacht! You’ll be briefed on your holiday as the boat is prepared for departure by fuelling up and making sure all supplies are on board. Mooring overnight, spend the evening preparing yourself for your island hopping adventure!

Day 2: Nassau to Highbourne Cay

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Embarking in the morning, head towards Highbourne Cay where there are eight deserted beaches to enjoy that are walking distance from the marina; ease yourself into island life by sunbathing on the fine white sand and swimming in the mesmerizing turquoise waters! After lunch aboard your yacht, take the opportunity to try out the water toys on board or perhaps doing a spot of fishing if you wish! Anchor for the night in a sheltered area as you sit back with a sundowner in hand.

Day 3: Allan’s Cay and Warderick Wells Cay

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Allan’s Cay awaits you on your third day; perhaps one of the most unique of all the Bahamian Cays, this island features a wide variety of wildlife, with the most famous being the Allan’s Cay Iguanas that are native to the area and only found in three places across the world. These friendly iguanas will come up to you, so you can feed them grapes and other fruits if you have any to spare! After lunch, move on to Waderick Wells Cay where you’ll find an expanse of mangrove creeks and beautiful sandy beaches! Relax on one of the surrounding beaches as the glowing sun sets for the day.

Day 4: Warderick Wells Cay

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Remaining in Waderick Wells, the headquarters of Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, take the opportunity to explore your surroundings; this is the largest underwater marine park in the Bahamas, so diving and snorkelling are sure to be incredible! Whale watching is also possible here, with a number of whales having been spotted around the marine park; if this doesn’t take your fancy, take a stroll along the pristine beaches and sit back with a good book as you soak up the sun’s rays.  Enquire Now

Day 5: Shroud Cay 

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On Day 5, venture onto Shroud Cay – an uninhabited island consisting of an archipelago of rocks and a shallow tidal mangrove creek making for a perfect habitat for lobster, conch, sea turtles, fish and seabirds. Make the most of the diving and snorkelling here, or if you’d rather stay above water, kayak or take your yacht’s tender along the river and over the lagoon in unspoiled waters; this naturally occurring ‘lazy’ river that washes you along from one side of the beach to the other! Being an uninhabited island, this secluded spot is truly one of outstanding natural beauty, so dine aboard your yacht in the evening as you watch the sunset over the horizon. 

Day 6: Shroud Cay and Norman’s Cay

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After spending the morning in Shroud Cay having a final explore, proceed onto Norman’s Cay where you can paddle in the azure shallows and try paddleboarding along the calm waters. Have a bite to eat at MacDuff’s famous beach club located on the island, serving some of the most exquisite and fresh dishes in the Exumas; their friendly bartenders are also always on hand to conjure up something cold and refreshing as you wind down for the day. 

Day 7: Norman’s Cay to Paradise Island 

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On your final day, head in the direction of Nassau; stopping at Paradise Island, choose from a number of exciting activities to end your trip on a high! The impressive Atlantis Hotel sits on Paradise Island, and consists of the 141-acre Waterpark ‘Aquaventure’; with 20 swimming areas, thrilling water slides, a mile long river ride and private cabanas, this waterpark is unlike any other! The Atlantis also features a Casino, Golf course, Spa and a Dolphin Cay, so there are options to suit everyone. In addition to this, there are also a number of beaches to relax on if that’s what you’d prefer! End your final day dining at one of the restaurants on Paradise Island, or perhaps make the most of the last remaining time on board by dining on your aft deck.

Day 8: Disembark in Nassau

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You’ve reached the end of your yacht charter vacation and we hope it will have been the most incredible holiday you could have imagined! It’s time to disembark from Nassau; any time you wish to plan another yacht charter, just get in touch with one of our experts and they’ll be delighted to help!

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