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January 11, 2022

Nearby Nevis

Basseterre, St. Kitts and Nevis

About a ten nautical mile sail from its larger sister island of St. Kitts, Nevis is a naturally beautiful island that you should slip into your itinerary if you are anywhere nearby. As you approach the spectacular shores, you are beckoned by Nevis Peak, an obscure three thousand foot high volcano. Unlike its Lesser Antilles neighbor Montserrat whose active Soufrière Hills volcano is one of the most studied in the world, not much is known about Nevis Peak, including the last time it actually erupted. However, unspoiled flora and fauna are abundant within the varying ecosystems, making Nevis a wonderful getaway for those who appreciate serenely soaking in lush landscapes, as well as for adventurous travelers who enjoy more active endeavors on a tropical island paradise.

Nevis is noted for its tropical vistas and spectacular scenery but it is also a small island hosting big events, particularly athletic competitions and cultural festivals. Depending on when you are in the area, you might be fortunate enough to arrive on Nevis during one of these exciting events. Beginning with the Nevis to St. Kitts Cross Channel Swim in late March, visitors can either participate or observe as some of the world’s top open water swimmers stroke across the crystal clear waters from Oualie Beach to Cockleshell Beach.

Nevis to St. Kitts Cross Channel Swim

Other athletically inclined happenings include the Nevis Marathon and Running Festival in September, and November’s Triathlon and Duathlon. The September festivities involve a range of races like a full marathon, half-marathon, 10k and 5k run. The courses are a combination of hill climbs and flat terrain winding through the elegant island with numerous comfort stations and cheering locals all along the route. The flagship event on Nevis is the November Triathlon/Duathlon, where competitors from around the world head to the island to participate in this internationally recognized multi-sport event.

The Nevis Mango Festival and Nevis Culturama comprise the notable cultural events that take place in July. There are more than forty varieties of mangoes grown on Nevis so they have earned their own festival. The event is a full weekend dedicated to creative culinary arts involving the delectable tropical fruit. Local and international celebrity chefs are on hand to ensure festival-goers have multiple opportunities to enjoy delicious dishes that all must include magnificent mangoes. Foodies and fun-seekers alike will love the many events that take place throughout the weekend. Additionally, Nevis Culturama takes place during July to celebrate the island’s emancipation from slavery. The event is twelve days of focus on local culture and Nevisian arts, including beauty pageants, a cultural street fair, the Emancipation Day Jump-Up, and the Grand Cultural Parade. It is a Nevisian celebration of “love, passion, and pride,” and a remarkable opportunity to interact with the friendly welcoming residents.

Mango fruit

If you are unable to make it during one of the premier events on Nevis, there is still much to see and enjoy. Although St. Kitts and Nevis make up a single country, they are very different islands and after limin’ awhile, Kittitians often head over to Nevis for some peace and quiet.

There are miles of secluded beaches along Nevis’ coast, featuring Cades Bay Beach, Lover’s Beach, Newcastle Beach, Nisbet Beach, Oualie Beach, and Pinney’s Beach. Cades Bay beach is a great place for swimming with a soft sandy bottom and swift breaking waves. Lover’s Beach is a mile of secluded shoreline with stronger swells and is not the place for children or inexperienced swimmers. It does however provide private sunbathing with expansive views of the sea and St. Kitts in the distance. Newcastle Beach on the northern tip of Nevis is a great place to snorkel off the shore shaded by coconut trees. Nisbet Beach is strikingly gorgeous with vivid white sand and sparkling blue waters. Visitors can swim, stroll, sunbathe, or lounge in a hammock along this beach that is home to Nisbet Plantation Beach Club. Oualie Beach is the most popular on Nevis and boasts a lively beach bar and several diving and watersport operations. Pinney Beach is where you will find the posh Four Seasons Resort and several beach bars. It is a pristine strip of sugar-white sand lined with coconut palms, with Nevis Peak in the background.

Miles of secluded beaches along Nevis’ coast

In addition to exemplary beaches, visitors to Nevis might want to check out Alexander Hamilton’s birthplace and the lavish botanical gardens. If you would like to be pampered in paradise, there are several geothermal hot springs and wellness spas, where you receive your treatments amidst the lush tropical flora. Adventure seekers also have a variety of options including guided hiking tours through the savannas and rainforests as you climb up Nevis Peak. Horseback riding, cycling, and off-road 4 X 4 tours also allow adrenaline junkies to explore the beauty of Nevis.

Charter guests who are avid fishing fans should take advantage of the excellent location and variety of deep-sea fishing excursions departing from Nevis. Because locals live off of freshly-caught fish, they know the best places to go to bring in a big one. Deep-sea charter boats provide all of the equipment and gear needed to try your skills landing mahi mahi, wahoo, yellowfin tuna, kingfish, marlin, and sailfish. Who knows, you might catch dinner for the entire yacht or bring in an amazing trophy. Reef fishing is also popular as long as you have a local guide.

A sailfish fights the lure on a fishing trip

Everything on Nevis makes the most of the natural beauty and resources of the island and the cuisine is no different. Although there is a wide array of dining experiences, most food is still grown locally and Nevisian chefs incorporate local recipes while catering to international palates. Local chefs take pride in their culinary talents and creative processes handed down over the generations. One example of their innovation with food is the art of converting cane sugar into table sugar. That process was invented in Nevis. Cocktails also reflect the unique skills and sources on Nevis and several selections are still made using ancient Caribbean recipes. While you are here, be sure to sip on a Killer Bee and a Monkey Slap for a truly tropical tincture.

While aboard a chartered yacht there are so many amazing sights, attractions, cultures, and tastes that you could spend several weeks in the Leeward Islands not seeing the same thing twice. If you don’t have several weeks, look into what makes each destination unique, especially during the time you will be in the region. And if you cannot fit it all in, you will have to come back again as soon as you can get there.

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