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July 12, 2021

Pandemic Propels Passengers from Cruise Ships to Private Yacht Charters

The global Coronavirus pandemic has altered life in many ways. Where we live, how we work, what and where we eat, have all evolved since early 2020. How we play and relax has also shifted as people began spending more time outdoors and engaged with the natural environment. Another significant shift since the pandemic is how we go about setting sail to see the world.

In 2019, cruise ships transported more than thirty-million people worldwide across the oceans to a variety of destinations, up from 25.8 million passengers in 2017. While the cruise ship industry was booming in the last decade, COVID slammed passenger ship travel to a halt in 2020 and they are just now beginning to leave the docks again, but with vast changes from before the pandemic.

While cruise ship vacations have not been totally sunk, they are heading back into uncharted waters with fewer passengers and more restrictions. Ships carrying at least 250 people must follow a new Framework for Conditional Sailing Order that involves infection control measures as well as following all safety protocols in the various ports of call. Also under the new restrictions, cruises can be no longer than seven days, require COVID-19 testing of passengers and crew on both embarkations and disembarkation, and socially distanced seating. Many ships will also do away with on-board buffet restaurants, implement reservations for any group activities, and limit interactions between passengers and crew members. Such restrictions hinder the desires of cruisers, making chartering a private yacht for smaller groups a much more appealing option.

Additionally, as the world becomes more concerned about climate change, the colossal carbon footprint of cruise ships has become more notorious, causing concern in former passengers and leading them to seek alternative adventurous travel methods. For instance, as soon as you cross over the gangway of a cruise ship, your personal carbon footprint increases about three times. Additionally, the CO2 emissions per person per mile on large cruise ships is more than four times that of air travel, and the enormous vessels emit more pollution in the form of sulfur oxide per year than all of the cars in Europe. If that is not enough to deter environmentally aware sailors, many cruise ships dump vast amounts of trash including plastics and untreated sewage, directly into our oceans, putting sea life at extreme risk.

Therefore, many adventurous travelers are choosing yacht chartering as a way to enjoy the sea life and the exotic destinations they crave. Chartering a yacht for your group is less risky to your health, more personalized, and less environmentally detrimental not to mention a luxurious way to travel, inhabit, and appreciate the journey.

Because of the continual changes in COVID restrictions among the many destinations along with broader access to yachting options, a yacht charter consultant is more valuable than ever before in helping you plan your sailing excursion. If you need help identifying a destination or itinerary, or even need assistance identifying your objective for a vacation or when you should travel, a charter consultant is there to guide you to an incredible holiday that is both safe and sensational.

Planning a vacation can be an undertaking but with the insight of your consultant, chartering a yacht is a pleasant experience from start to finish. Developing a first-rate personally aligned charter involves making several decisions. First, you will get your party together and decide when and where to go. Next, you will select the type of yacht you wish to charter and what you hope to experience. The charter consultant will help with these selections as they are experts in yachting and can tell you about the variety of ships available for charter. They also know the safety regulations of the areas the yachts visit.

Once you have identified your yacht, your crew will begin preparing for your every need and desire and with local knowledge, they know where you can go and what is required for a healthy, happy and hospitable experience. Because of the intimate nature of a chartered private yacht, the crew can interact as much as is desired to ensure your experience is exceptional and your requests are met.

Because so many more people are chartering private yachts versus boarding monstrous cruise ships, the options for departure destinations and the variety of yachts available have expanded. However, they are also filling up more quickly than in the past so if you are considering an amazing vacation aboard your own yacht, get in touch with your charter consultant pronto.