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January 22, 2022

Popular Leeward Islands Itinerary

More than seventy percent of our world is made up of water, with most of it contained in the Earth’s oceans. Chartering a luxury yacht to explore a portion of these expansive oceans is an amazing adventure, and one of the most exciting and well-rounded seas to see is the Caribbean. All of the Caribbean Islands south of Puerto Rico are included in the Lesser Antilles and there are three island groups within this archipelago. One of the most spectacular groupings of islands in the Lesser Antilles region of the Caribbean is the Leeward Islands, with many beautiful landscapes and a vast array of activities for every taste. Because of their location in the lee of the trade-winds and their tropical island climate, the Leewards are a fantastic yachting destination any time of year.

A Water World

The Leewards are made up of many small islands with individualized cultures that influence what you will experience. You will be mesmerized and entertained as you sail throughout this region but there are several routes that maximize the unique encounters available throughout the Leeward chain. One of the most popular routes allows you to spend a week reveling in luxury, soaking up the island vibe, and absorbing the natural wonders of this sultry paradise.

English harbor, Shirley Heights in Antigua, Caribbean.

Day One: Your luxury yacht charter will begin on one of the premier destinations for yachting in the Caribbean, Antigua. Moor among sparkling mega-yachts along the beautiful meandering shores dotted with amazing beaches, diverse attractions, shoppes, and restaurants. Antigua is the largest and sunniest English-speaking island in the Leeward chain at fourteen miles long by eleven miles wide. Home to some of the most exclusive yachting events in the region, this island is a great place to plunge in and enjoy the many bays and harbors surrounding its shores.

Day Two: After a day spent enjoying the picturesque beaches and sights of Antigua, sail back in time to the unspoiled flora and fauna abundant shores of Nevis. The smaller of the two islands making up the country of Saint Kitts and Nevis, Nevis is a wonderful getaway for those who appreciate serenely soaking in lush landscapes, as well as for adventurous travelers who enjoy more active endeavors on a tropical island paradise. Nevis is noted for its tropical vistas and spectacular scenery but it is also a small island hosting big events, particularly athletic competitions and cultural festivals. Depending on when you are in the area, you might be fortunate enough to arrive on Nevis during one of these exciting events.

White sandy beach with palm tree and blue sky with white clouds in Saint Kitts, Caribbean.

Day Three: You will sail to the larger more upbeat sister island of St. Kitts, formed by a now dormant volcano. Known for its gray, white, and black sand beaches, lush green rainforest-covered mountains, and charming island residents, St. Kitts is the ultimate place for limin’. Local slang for relaxing in laid-back island style and having a good time, limin’ is the Kittitians way of life. And as soon as you arrive at this uncrowded utopia, you will find yourself limin’ like the locals.

Day Four takes you back north to Barbuda, the smaller companion island of Antigua. Barbuda is home to less than two thousand inhabitants who are dedicated to preserving the gorgeous sixty-two square mile isle and its wildlife. The residents are friendly and considerate and they want to ensure Barbuda continues to remain off-the-beaten-path to maintain an ecologically sound island surrounded by healthy waters full of vibrant coral reefs teeming with fish. The preservation of the waters makes Barbuda a serene and superb scuba diving spot.

The islands of Sint Eustatius (nearer) and Saba in the Eastern Caribbean seen from Fort Brimstone on St Kitts & Nevis

Day Five: Another exceptional place to explore beneath the sea is the small island of Saba, situated in the middle of the Leeward Island chain at the western edge of the archipelago. The five square mile tropical paradise has a winding coastline sloping underwater to superb scuba diving and rising inland to lush Mount Scenery. Saba is full of old Caribbean charm and is known for its dedication to preserving its pristine natural resources. Saba is an alluring destination for sailors who appreciate the bucolic quaint culture of the Caribbean of yesteryear, scuba divers, and nature lovers.

Saint Barthelemy harbor in the West Indies of the Caribbean.

Day Six: After a couple of relaxed days enjoying an abundance of natural beauty, you will head back to the glamorous bustle of St. Barthélemy (St. Barths). This French-speaking island in the Lesser Antilles is the place to be if you are into luxurious leisure with a European feel, and the dining and shopping are superb. St. Barths is an excellent destination for those who cannot decide whether to vacation in Paris or the tropics. From the capital of Gustavia to the remote beaches, this island provides an array of refined activities in an alluring locale.

Marigot Marina in Saint Martin, on the French side of the Caribbean Island.

Day Seven: Your remarkable luxury yacht charter will terminate in Saint Martin/St Maarten, one island made up of two countries. Both the French-controlled northern side and the southern Dutch portion overseen by The Netherlands, while dually governed, desire to live harmoniously and residents and visitors are free to come and go from side to side as they please. While both countries share similar histories, there are distinct influences from the governing countries on each side. Therefore, you can experience two unique cultures by visiting both sides of the island.

This seven-day itinerary might be a great plan for first-time yacht charter guests or those with limited schedules because it allows you to sample a variety of the Leeward Islands’ wonders within seven days. After briefly experiencing some of the alluring attractions of this appealing archipelago, your next trip might include more time to linger in some of your favorite places. For more information, check out some of our articles that describe each of these distinctive destinations in more detail.

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