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April 19, 2020

Press-Release from Yacht Vacation Company LLC on Covid-19 & The future of the Yacht Charter industry

crewed catamaran sea dog bvi
All-Inclusive Catamaran Sea Dog, in the British Virgin Islands

The Covid-19 pandemic has an estimated third of the worldwide population weathering the storm from the safety of our homes. 

With social isolation and confinement, you might be looking to take advantage of opportunities presenting themselves with this unique situation. 

Perhaps you´ve been upping your game with your side hustle, or revisit an old pastime. In this shared global experience, we find ourselves connecting in ways we perhaps hadn’t experienced before. Maybe you´ve been in daily Zoom meetings, sharing moments with family through Skype, or taking part in virtual parties and events.  

This is a time of reflection and revaluation for many. Many of us are recalling happier moments with loved ones. Childhood memories, simpler times, carefree sunsets accompanied by a cool beer and warm breeze. Maybe this enforced slowing-down of your busy routine has led you to question your priorities. What do you plan to give more time to in the future?

Looking Forward

You could be dreaming of when you can reunite with friends and family, to create new memories, with a renewed sense of gratitude for the opportunity to see the world again. Although it may not seem it, there will be life after lock-down, and it’s up to you to decide how it will look. 

Of course, it’s a romantic idea – spending the quarantine aboard your own secluded vessel in the Caribbean. Losing track of the days as you gaze across the water, rather than at your laptop screen. Whilst this isn´t a reality for many, it’s a dream that is totally achievable for the near future. 

Industry Impact

Inevitably, the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has had an enormous impact on the yachting industry. Just as some Caribbean hotspots were finally back on their feet following the devastation of Hurricane Irma in 2017. The BVI in particular has been transformed, with new resorts and restored marinas due to open this Spring/Summer. 

However, these are unchartered waters, an event even the most seasoned forecasters couldn’t predict. So how have the crews and companies responded to this unprecedented situation?

Of course, many big charter companies have suspended all current charters as a precaution. Most are reviewing this on a six-weekly basis, to see how the situation develops.

Many providers are giving clients the opportunity to re-book their original holiday dates. It couldn’t be said that the charter industry isn’t doing enough to support vacationers at this time. 

Perfect Conditions

Perhaps you’ve heard the horror stories of cruise ships becoming struck down with the virus. 

The sheer volume of bodies in a confined space can make it appear like a breeding ground for infection. Understandably, this may not be an appealing option for you at the moment. 

Instead, consider the solitude and safety of your own private boat. Just you, your loved ones and your crew (who by the end of the vacation will be part of the family).

If you´ve chartered before, you´ll know that providers and crew pride themselves on the standard of cleanliness aboard their boats. Now, providers have announced that they are conducting even more rigorous hygiene and cleaning practices, in line with World Health Organization guidance. For further peace of mind, crews are also conducting health tests prior to each charter. 

Accommodating spontaneity and unplanned requests are part of the day-to-day for our crews. They thrive on thinking on their feet and adapting to any situation. You couldn´t be in a safer pair of hands. 

Remember, this is your vacation. You decide how much (or little) contact you wish to have with the outside world. 

A Unique Opportunity

One good thing to come out of the crisis is the unprecedented offers to take advantage of. However, time is of the essence. As some charter companies are opting to postpone current bookings to the next season, there’s already competition building for 2020-21 availability. 

James Wilson, Charter Consultant at Yacht Vacation Company LLC advises “This is where your consultant at comes in. We have partnerships with providers across the world, and the latest deals at our fingertips. Whether you’re a first timer, looking for an amazing BVI yacht charter, or an old sea dog looking for new adventures, Share your ideas with us, and we´ll search and compare, and find the best offer to suit you.”

James continues, “Some charter companies are now offering down-payments as low as 10% to secure your booking. You could also benefit from free cancellation, with no payment until 15 days prior to departure. Offers like these haven´t been seen before. Of course, we at Yacht.Vacations are ready to negotiate on your behalf with our trusted partners.”

Fortunately, the Caribbean islands have reported very few cases of the virus, and there are many unbelievable deals to be had here. 

If you´re concerned that your preferred destination may become, or continue to be, unavailable for tourism, rest assured that you will still have an incredible vacation. Some of the biggest international charter names are offering flexible booking, with the opportunity to change the charter destination within 60 days of travel.

 So, even if you´re not sure on where you´d like to explore next, now is the best time to bag yourself a deal. Our experts can guide you through the process from start to finish. 

Better Times on the Horizon

Industry pros are predicting a huge surge in bookings once the pandemic has passed, with a renewed desire to get back out onto the sea. Of course, this demand will lead to limited availability and a likely rise in prices. 

The bottom line seems to be that you´re not in a position to lose money here. The worst case scenario is that your dream sailing vacation is moved to a later date, giving you even more time to anticipate getting back on the water.

So contact us now to discuss your sailing ideas, and we´ll find the best option for you. 

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