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Routes Less Traveled

March 30, 2020 by nickpuk

If you’re a dreamer or adventurer, the idea of a charter vacation may never have appealed to you. Perhaps you have the image of being cooped-up on a yacht, as you’re taken mindlessly around the sights of a popular tourist destination. First up, we’re happy to inform you that this misconception is a total myth.

Yacht Charter New Zealand

A crewed yacht charter is in fact your ticket to freedom. The opportunity to finally visit those far-flung locations that you’ve only ever dreamed of. And some that perhaps you hadn’t even considered. 

Your charter yacht is a floating luxury hotel – ready to take you wherever your heart desires. Forget about the hassle of packing and unpacking, of uncomfortable journeys to the next destination. Just wake up and decide where the wind will take you.

northern lights yacht charter

Far from being a run-of-the-mill package experience, a crewed yacht charter is a totally unique vacation. Your crew are local experts, full of exciting ideas and eager to take you where you want to go. Your chef can prepare fresh, local cuisine according to your preference. Your Captain can tip you off regarding the best diving spots. Your boat can reach areas which large cruise ships and other travellers will struggle to access. 

As the charter yacht industry has grown in recent times, so has the variety of options available to vacationers. What better way to see the Northern Lights, than from the panoramic saloon of your luxury yacht? The mountains creating dramatic silhouettes and the mesmerising light display reflected in fjords. This dream is a reality, with custom vessels adapted to cut through ice floes, taking you to remote locations that many others will never have the opportunity to see.

catamaran charter in french polynesia

Consider long-range yachts, prepared to traverse huge expanses of water, delivering you to astounding reefs and uninhabited islands. No standard dive excursion can compare to this. 

Rainforest rivers can be navigated on board shallow-draft yachts. Giving you a unique vantage point, and no need to compromise on safety or comfort. 

Imaginative, creative yacht owners across the world have had the vision and means to design innovative vessels – taking them far from the beaten path. Not wanting to keep this to themselves (and realistically not being able to spend all of their time on board), the opportunity has been opened up to charterers to have a piece of the action.

Alaska Yacht Charter

Ok, so where are these fabled yachts? And how do I book them? Before we get to that, let’s take a step back in time. When Captain Cook arrived in New Caledonia in the 18th Century, he was greeted by 74 spectacular islands, with incredible barrier reefs and wildlife. Very little has changed to this day. Even if you’re a dive enthusiast, this unusual destination may not have made it onto your radar until now.

The South Pacific has been the setting of stories and dreams for generations. Paradise can be found amongst the Solomon Islands – more than 1000 isles and atolls. These have been applauded as some of the finest diving experiences that the word has to offer, with sunken ships to explore.

charter in norway

In the heart of Polynesia, the sovereign state of Tonga remains largely uninhabited. 177 islands are scattered across 500 miles, making for the ultimate in exploration and discovery. In Oceania, Vanuatu offers vibrant sea life between its 82 islands. You may even witness natural light show from one of its active volcanoes.

tahiti yacht charter

If the tropics aren’t calling your name, British Columbia might. Mountains, forests and deep inlets await exploration at Desolation Sound. Meanwhile, catch fresh salmon at Powell River, and your chef will create a mouth-watering grilled dinner. 

How far off-track do you want to go? Halfway to the North Pole? Sure thing. Incredible Arctic scenery, polar bears and even reindeer will greet you if you venture to Svalbard (formerly Spitsbergen). 

Consider the Northwest Passage, a previously impassable ice pack between the North Pacific and North Atlantic. Adventurers tried for centuries to forge this dream trade-route across the top of the world. Now with advances in technology, and with the right weather conditions, this experience is ready for the taking. 

New Zealand’s North Island is a popular sailing destination, often overshadowing its wilder sister – South Island. South Island is far less populated by humans, but much more so by wildlife. You can encounter dolphins, penguins and all manner of marine life around these parts. Ideal for the thrill-seekers and nature-lovers amongst you. 

The world is such a varied and wonderful place, with endless opportunities for discovery and adventure. If you’d like to discuss a charter “off-the-beaten-track”,  contact the experts at Yacht.Vacations.