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February 22, 2021

Sailing Itinerary for Grenada and the Southern Grenadines

There are several options for sailing the colorful islands that make up Grenada, but while you
are in the vivid blue waters of the southern Windward Islands, you should include as many of
the Grenadine Islands into your itinerary as you can fit into your schedule. Grenada includes
the main island known as the “Spice Island” and several other smaller islands including
populated Carriacou, and Petit Martinique, and the uninhabited islands of Ronde, Caille,
Diamond, Large, Saline, and Frigate Islands.

Sailing these waters is amazing as the constant trade-winds blow in from the East, and the
island chain runs north to south. Most charters will begin in St. George’s Port Louis Marina on
the main island, and from there you head north. Depending on your timeframe and your
desires, you can opt for a oneway charter from St. Vincent, or explore the smaller Grenadian
Islands and the southern Grenadines before returning to St. George’s. This article is an itinerary
option for a one-week round trip.

Catamaran Black Tortuga in Grenada

One Week Round Trip Itinerary
Day one begins as you embark your crewed yacht and sail past the bright red and orange
roofs and shops along the Carenage, below Fort George and Government House and out into
the Caribbean Sea. You will then head northeast toward Carriacou. Depending on when you
depart, you can stop at Sandy Island or Ronde Island for a nice lunch on deck or if you
departed later in the day, anchor overnight in the northern corner of the western side of Ronde
off the beautiful deserted beach.

Day two also offers options depending on your inclinations. Continue to Tyrell Bay on the
southwestern tip of Carriacou or further north to Hillsborough, the main town on the island.
Either choice provides clear blue protected waters with dingy access to small shops, casual
dining, and friendly people.

On day three, as you continue 13 nautical miles north, you will enter into another country so a
stop at Clifton Harbor on Union Island in the Grenadines is in order. Pick up some fresh
provisions like chocolate pastries, enjoy a cocktail or snack while your customs paperwork is
completed, or take the dingy to Happy Island, a festive bar built on a mound of conch shells in
the middle of the bay. If you want to check out more of Union Island, head to quieter Chatham
Bay for the night or make the short sail to the Tobago Cays for the night.

The magnificent Tobago Cays merit at least one full day so day four should be reserved to
appreciate this magical marine park. Protected by a semi-circular reef amongst several
quintessential tropical islands, this incredible setting is one of the most gorgeous anchorages
in the Caribbean Sea. Swim in the clear waters full of sea turtles, enjoy any one of the many
secluded beaches, or shop from the convenience of your yacht for a local artisan inspired
FIDEL t-shirt from one of the “boat boys”. For movie buffs, just to the east of the Cays is Petit
Tabac Island, where a portion of Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed.

Day 5 involves a short cruise back to the West for a day on Mayreau, with two beautiful bays to
choose from for a calm scenic night. Saltwhistle Bay to the North and Saline Bay to the South
both provide easy access for going ashore, where you will find beach bars, shops, and a hiking
trail up a lone hill where you can oversee your anchorage from the previous night. The islanders
in their small boats, affectionately known as the “boat boys,” will arrive as soon as you have
moored and they come bearing fresh fish, souvenirs or to take your order for a barbecue on
shore. If you haven’t already had the lobster baked over an open flame with the local side
dishes and cocktails, this is the perfect spot for a beach dinner under the stars.

If you are only able to get away for a week, then day 6 is where you have to head back toward
Grenada after a brief stop on Union Island to clear customs out of the Grenadines. Sail south
back to whichever bay in Carriacou you did not choose on the way up to clear customs into
Grenada, and enjoy the last brilliant orange and purple sunset of your unforgettable charter.

Day 7 takes you the remaining 34 nautical miles south to Port Louis Marina in St. George’s
Grenada where, depending on your schedule, you can either tour the amazing Spice Island or
head to the airport to begin your trip back to your home port and dreams of your next charter.

This round-trip itinerary offers the most variety in a short amount of time but the waters
surrounding Grenada are spectacular and if the winds shift, there are many other routes that
will allow you to maximize your sails. Fortunate charterers who can spend at least 10 days
aboard, might want to take a one way sail from St. Vincent to Grenada to enjoy the best of both
island nations. See the St. Vincent to Grenada article for the one-way sailing itinerary, or our St Vincent & Grenadines sailing itinerary for a 1 week trip around the grenadines.

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