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March 19, 2020

Some of the Best Beaches in the BVI

“The Baths” (Virgin Gorda Island)

The Baths, Virgin Gorda, BVI

“The baths“ is nothing else but a multitude of volcanic cliffs that form mysteriously beautiful caves and bays. Well, it’s not a classic sandy beach, but yet it’s one of the main attractions of the British Virgin Islands. You can relax on this shore where plenty of special rock formations are, but people usually come here to try the snorkelling. The entire area is breathtakingly beautiful. This is not surprising as we are in a national park.

Smugglers Cove (Tortola Island)

smugglers cove bvi

It is a small sandy beach on the western end of the main island. The Smugglers Cove is located next to a quiet residential community, the Belmont Estate. You wouldn’t think that this calm, peaceful place was a pirate haunt a long time ago. The side of the beach is shaded by sea grapes and almond trees. The water temperature is pleasant for swimming all year round. Besides the palm trees and the white sand, watching the sunset is the greatest experience here. You will never forget, how the tropical sun floating in reddish light lazily descends on the northern side of the picturesque Narrows Channel.

White Bay (Island of Jost Van Dyke)

White Bay, BVI

Because the bay is relatively sheltered, it is a popular mooring for sailing boats that arrive daily. Many visitors are coming from the nearby Tortola by ferry. The beach here is covered with beautiful, dusty white sand. Inside of the western part, many beach bars and a small hotel can be found. In the east, there is camping, as well as many pleasant guesthouses on the nearby hillside.

Cane Garden Bay (Tortola)

cane garden bay bvi

This is the largest beach of the island. The name of the site refers to the old used cane processing mills. Rum has an important role in the islands today. The beach is exceptionally long, with beautiful white sand, ideal for sunbathing and relaxing. Water is generally protected, so swimming is safe for most time of the year. Here, besides sunbathing, the best activity is to observe when the waves are big. Then hop on a surfboard or try out the kayaking. All kinds of water sports equipment can be rented, it would be a pity to miss the opportunity.

Deadman’s Bay Beach (Peter Island)

peter island
Peter Island Resort

This quiet, wind-protected bay is an idyllic place with palm trees and turquoise water. Besides sunbathing, you can swim, surf, or kayak here. On the sandy shore, beach chairs and other facilities are reserved for guests of the Peter Island Resort. On the beach, there is a popular restaurant if you just want to eat something good. Anyone who wants a little romance should visit one of the secluded corners of this tiny island. There are no other beaches in the shore than two beach chairs and a tiny parasol. It’s no coincidence that this place is called Honeymoon Beach.

Lambert Beach (Tortola)

lambert beach tortola

This is a typical Caribbean beach. Wide, sandy shore lined with palm trees. The spectacle should be on a postcard, there is no doubt! It is good to swim here, though in the winter there is a strong flow from the north side, the water may be whirling.

Brandywine Beach (Tortola)

brandywine beach, tortola

This is a comfortably accessible beach is located east from the island’s headquarters, Road Town. It has a long sandy beach, and the road is lined with trees. The water in the protected bay calm and ideal for swimming. It is also safe for children’s recreation. This beach is often a place for picnics and fun community gatherings.

Loblolly Bay (Anegada Island)

loblolly bay, anegada

According to many, this is one of the most beautiful Caribbean beaches. It is difficult to decide because the beaches are on one side of the island, the sand is almost never-ending. Anegada is rightly called “The Beach Lover’s Island.”

Sandy Cay Beach

sandy cay bvi

This is the beach is the perfect place for the lone wolves. This small uninhabited reef is next to Jost van Dyke Island, it is also called a desert island. Ideal for those who want to undistracted swimming and sunbathing without the crowds.

Long Bay (Beef Island)

long bay beef island

Beef Island is in the immediate vicinity of Tortola. The two islands are connected by a bridge. This is a beautiful wavy beach with bright white sand. The bay is protected and extremely pleasant for swimming most of the year. It is a beautiful mile-long white sandy beach which is ideal for long walks. The hotel’s beach bar and restaurant, as well as numerous guesthouses, are located in the eastern part of the coast. The western end of the beach is surrounded by palm trees. It offers greater privacy and excellent swimming opportunities. This is an ideal beach for those who want to tan because the shadow is almost completely absent in this section.

Devil’s Bay (Virgin Gorda)

devils bay, the baths, bvi

This is a section of the Baths Nature Reserve. The beach itself is a beautiful, a u-shaped area covered with white sand that can be reached by winding paths. Those who are more adventurous can get there through the nearby caves using ropes and ladders.

Trellis Bay (Beef Island)

trellis bay, bvi

Trellis Bay is located on the northern shore of the small island. The beach here is in a well-protected bay, it is a semi-circular shaped area. There are many restaurants, shops and accommodation possibilities around here.

Josiah’s Bay (Tortola)

josiahs bay, bvi

This spectacular, wide sandy beach which is ideal for sunbathing, is on the north shore near to East End. Due to the high waves, this place is also popular among surfers. Occasionally even competitions are held here. There are some beach bars close to the shore so you can get something for refreshment.

Spring Bay (Virgin Gorda)

spring bay, bvi

It is also a white sandy beach, where plenty of rocks can be found. We are in the neighbourhood of the already mentioned “The Baths”. The crystal clear water is ideal for swimming. Although it is also located in a nature reserve, it is possible to approach this beach on a built road.

Brewer’s Bay (Tortola)

brewers bay tortola

Looking east the remains of the distilleries can be still seen of which the bay got its name. The sandy beach is surrounded by almond trees and sea grapes which gives the whole place a friendly atmosphere. There are two beach bars and a campsite in the bay. Water is great for swimming for the most part of the year. Snorkellers love this place too.

Trunk Bay (Virgin Gorda)

trunk bay tortola

This is a stunning beach on the north coast of Virgin Gorda, east from Spring Bay. The wide, sandy beach can be reached by boat or on a beautiful walkway that runs along the bay.

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