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April 21, 2021

Starting Your Marriage Together in Style, Honeymoon Aboard a Yacht

If you are reading this article then you may already know that the average cost of a wedding in
2019 was $33,900, ranging from $17,000 to $37,000 depending on where you live. This amount
includes the ring, ceremony, and reception for around 130 guests. The average costs were
down slightly in 2020 because COVID required most newlyweds to significantly scale down the
size and scope of their wedding ceremonies. While you want to share this special day with as
many of your loved ones as possible, there are benefits to downsizing the nuptials and
incorporating the savings into a truly incredible honeymoon aboard a luxury yacht.

According to Brides Magazine, in order to create a trip of a lifetime you want to begin planning
for it very early and be sure you plan the adventure together. You might get a great deal of input
from other couples but you should design your honeymoon tailored especially for the two of
you. Sit down together and dream about what would be the perfect destination and pace for
you and decide on something that will incorporate what you both are envisioning. Think of an
incredibly exotic and romantic get away where all of your needs will be met so you are able to
focus on enjoying each other and celebrating the start to a beautiful life together.

Couple suntanning on a catamaran net

One of the most indulgent and sumptuous honeymoon experiences is to board a luxurious
yacht where you are pampered by your own dedicated crew while cruising about in the
beneficial sea air and enjoying the sights and companionship of your spouse without a care.
Every detail is designed especially for the two of you and implemented by your attentive crew
for a remarkably exciting dream vacation.

A honeymoon should be a relaxing time with as much excitement thrown in as is fitting for the
newly married couple. It should also include quality time together with a few hidden surprises
and chartering your own yacht will allow you to have all of this and much more. Additionally,
honeymooning aboard a yacht is restorative which might be what you need after the stressful
planning and implementation that goes into a wedding ceremony. The sea air accelerates the
lungs absorption of oxygen and regulates serotonin levels making you more alert, energized
and free from stress so you are truly able to relax and enjoy your moments together.
Jointly planning your honeymoon of a lifetime is a seductive endeavor as you think about your
itinerary, your favorite foods and drinks, your desired activities, and special outings you would
like to share. From the moment you step on board and are greeted by your expert crew offering
glasses of champagne, you will be swept away from reality and eager to embark on your
romantic adventure.

When working with your yacht broker to plan your exclusive post-marriage holiday, be sure and
include special requests that you and your spouse have developed together, but also include a
few surprises, like an on deck couples massage or an intimate dinner on a remote beach with
candles in the sand and a select bottle of champagne. After dinner, you might take a dip in the
calm clear waters under the full moon before boarding your tender back to the yacht where you
follow rose petals to your posh stateroom for a romantic night with your partner as the calm
bay waters gently rock you to sleep.

From the moment you step aboard, the magic begins as you are able to indulge in whatever
you choose. Participate in navigating your yacht as you glide toward the next destination, soak
in the sun while cuddling together as you are immersed in the joy of sharing this heartfelt
experience with your new spouse. Enjoy your meals when and where you want, such as
stopping briefly off the shores of an uninhabited island and drinking in the beauty and bounty
of your wonderfully prepared meal made with your favorite ingredients. Being pampered is nice, but being pampered in paradise is a more intimate and inspirational way to spend your honeymoon.
What makes yachting so intriguing is the opportunity to visit different locations and encounter
unique cultures and environments. During your yacht charter experience, you might head
ashore to enjoy the traditions and activities of the destination. You could shop for jewelry or
artwork, something to bring back that evokes memories of the places and faces you
encountered. You might choose to participate in more adventurous on shore outings designed
by you or for you by the knowledgable crew.

For a more relaxed day, you could lounge on the bow with your paramour and a refreshing
drink or take the dinghy or tender to shore together and laze on the beach as you gaze out
past your incredible yacht at the vastness of the sea and think about your future together. Or
you could take a stroll along the shoreline and look for shells or count the species of birds you
encounter. For a more energetic yet amorous experience, hop in the kayaks or climb on a
paddle-board with your sweetheart and explore the area together; or, put-on masks, fins and
snorkels and check out what is beneath those beautiful blue waters.

The options for a perfect honeymoon are endless aboard a chartered yacht selected especially
for the newly married couple. You and your yacht broker will ensure all of the details are set for
a relaxing and engaging experience. And to avoid any of the possible pitfalls associated with
some honeymoons like hidden costs, cancelled activities, or up-ended schedules, your yacht
broker is your liaison; there to consider your budget and develop an all inclusive set fee for
your entire honeymoon aboard the yacht. Your broker will also take care of any problems that
might arise so all you have to focus on is enjoying each other.

If starting your life together as a married couple aboard your own luxury yacht charter
sounds like a perfect match, initiate the seductive preparations for an incredible, exotic, and
romantic wedding holiday and engage a yacht broker to unite you with the most appropriate
yacht for your honeymoon celebration. Cheers! To a remarkable beginning of your incredible
journey together as husband and wife…or husband and husband…or wife and wife.